Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Punch Fear in the Face

You need to say, "I'll be damned if I let my fear prevent me from doing this!"
You need to follow your gut and stay true to who you know you are.
You need to trust in your abilities and talents.
You need to remember who you are.
Pray (like crazy) for strength and courage,
And then,
You need to punch fear in the face.

Which is why, on Sunday, I auditioned for a local production of RENT (right jab!) and made it to the call back audition (uppercut!), on Monday, where I sang my heart out, and made it to the last round!

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I don't know what (if anything) will happen next, but I'm not even thinking about it at this point.
I overcame my fear; I auditioned for one of my favorite shows - Of. All. Time. And I walked away knowing that I GAVE IT MY ALL!

No regrets! No second guessing!

Just pure joy, in knowing I held nothing back, and sang the best I could with all that was within me. And you know what? I feel ALIVE!

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