Friday, November 27, 2009

Give Thanks!

What a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Here are some of the things that I am so very thankful for:
My husband, Matt and our marriage
My family - and how it's grown :)
My friends and how we've all become so much closer over the last few years...
The rich blessings of a new church home and all the community and grounding that has brought to my life,
And a renewed sense of self that has come with the last several years. I went though a period where I felt really lost and it's amazing to feel this reclamation of my identity both of who I was and the new aspects I am able to discover through new relationships and experiences.
We had such a wonderful time at my mom's house with AMAZING family, food and a great walk to cap off the time, here are some pictures from the day....
I arrived at my mom's house and the cooking was already underway! It smelled AMAZING!
The kitchen - full of activity! :)

My mom and my sisters tearin' it up in the kitchen

My Grandpa never met a brain teaser he didn't're watching a master at work.
For her college graduation Alyssa got a puppy, and her name is Merryweather. This was Merry's first Thanksgiving, AND she is adorable, so of course, there are a lot of pictures of her! I'm a proud 'aunt'.

The beginnings of Cara's Thanksgiving pie....
'Yay' for autumnal flower arrangements...

Nearing the final stages of Thanksgiving preparation...we're all starting to lurk around the table at this point....

The table's set, and we're nearly ready! Notice the colored glasses - those make their appearance at nearly all our festive holiday meals - aren't they gorgeous??

This is Indy, short for Independence, and she's a spicy firecracker...though not at the moment.

Look at that face!

Something's peaked her interest!

This is L.C. (for Little Cat) - I think she's like the Katherine Hepburn of cats....

My sister says that Eeyore and Merryweather have a love-hate relationship...Merryweather hates that Eeyore gets any attention, so she loves to throw her on the floor.

Cara putting the finishing touches on her DELICIOUS pear-cranberry berry pie!

Merryweather in her Thanksgiving finest!

Merryweather: The Next Victoria's Secret Angel... Look at that stare!

Eat, drink (sparkling cranberry juice) and be merry!

Mashed potatoes aren't my favorite, but they LOOK tempting!
Somehow the dictionary always seems to find it's way to the dinner in point, looking up the exact meaning of 'pone.'

A Thanksgiving feast!

Indy, the cat, trying to persuade dad to oblige her with some leftovers...sadly, they never found their way to the floor....

The least fun part of Thanksgiving...the clean up

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