Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rounded out by love...

I'm very well aware of the freshmen fifteen,
I'm aware of weight gain during pregnancy,

But everyone failed to mention the backlash weight gain after the wedding.

And believe me, there is 'more woman to love' right now.

The jeans are snugger, and the sweatshirts have become my first line of defense against this 'extra coating' that seems to have found it's way around my waistline and thighs.

I think the hardest part is that I'm probably thinner than I was last holiday season but because I spent four months trying to whittle down to an appropriate bridal frame, I've changed my idea of my 'normal' body size.

So what do I do now?

Bless his heart, I think even if I ballooned to the size of a Thanksgiving day parade balloon Matt'd still love me, but I've spent the last couple weeks dodging mirrors and developed some very voluminous hairstyles to thin out my rounding face. I need to regain control!

And while, yes, it is about shedding some of this excess that I've accumulated, if you've been in this position, you know that it's more about not waking up in the morning feeling bloated, feeling uncomfortable in your own skin or even feeling restricted to a certain section of the closet; mostly for me, it's knowing that I could be making better choices and that even though I know that next slice of pizza will make me feel like crap, I do it anyway.

And I think this apparent trend in my life begs the bigger question: If I know the consequences of my actions (having done them before) and don't like said consequences, why do I KNOWINGLY continue in this behavior?


Risley and Dylan said...

I just ran across your blog... UGH!
I have been married for just about 3 years and i am proud to say I can fit back in my wedding dress!! I gained {gulp} about 20 pounds!
Its so easy! your in love and eating good food.. well, thats what I was telling my self..
I know eat about 1/2 what he does at dinner and really try to eat SUPER healthy at lunch {our only meal appart}
good luck!

amanda-e said...

Thank you so much for your comment! I'm just getting into blogging and was just elated to find someone had responded in kind to my struggle! I really appreciate your insight and love your blog! Have a great day!