Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Lists: My Favorite Christmas Movies

There are some moments that I love, because they catch me off guard and just elicit this immediate response of joy...and one of those is when my husband gets REALLY excited about something and it's like, for a moment, his ten year old self returns; I can't truly describe it but at that moment, it's like my heart just bursts (joyfully, of course), and yesterday morning had one of those moments. He and I were talking about the day and he realized it was the first of December to which he looked at me in all earnestness and delight and said "It's Christmas month!" I just about died. So, in honor of his exclaimation, I bring you the first of many Christmas lists...

My Favorite Christmas Movies

A recent addition to the list, and if I'm honest, not a movie reserved just for Christmas...but it's in heavy rotation this time of year :)

I cry. Every time. (And I've seen it like, a million times...)

Someday I hope to have a red dress, like Judy, and a daughter like Margaret O'Brien's character ;)

My sisters and I love to watch this movie together :)

I love, love, love this movie...and I hope to someday be celebrating all our Christmases back East!

So...what are your Christmas must-sees? I'm alwas looking for new Christmas favorites! :)

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