Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Complexity of Being a Woman...

A Brief Thought...
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Having been married for a little over a month, I feel there is not much I can expound on with any semblance of authority, however one thing that I have been reflecting on a lot lately is my role, as wife, in this marriage; and what does that mean to me/ in my life?
I think what I 'struggle' with is this idea that I want to be Martha Stewart AND Lara Croft, and whether they are mutually exclusive or whether the essence of both exist can within one woman.
I want to be able to cook a meal from scratch and refinish and armoire as skillfully as wielding a sidearm while participating in an excavation in Egypt. It's how they manifest themselves in me that I am trying to understand - and knowing that despite their seemingly opposite characteristics, (I don't know that Lara Croft would ever take the time to craft a meal or that Martha would willing lacerate her arm to lure a shark) I would like to think that at some point I could find a balance that would marry the two. I think what marriage has done is pushed me to come to awareness of some of the archetypes and expectations that I have of both my role, and a woman's role in marriage - what that looks like given my strengths and weaknesses, desires, aspirations, etc. and how I can embrace those in both the life I have now and the goals I have for my future.
It has become an interesting point of introspection for me and I love that I am looking more deeply about the things that make up a woman and the many aspects of our personality, talents and skills that we can embrace on a daily basis.
We are fascinating creations, aren't we?!? :)

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