Monday, December 7, 2009

Engagment Photos! *Flashback*

What a weekend! Our church had their annual Christmas Show this weekend (of which I was a part of, being in the choir an' all) and it was fantastic! Rousing! Enegetic! Colorful! Cute (kids choir singing "Christmas Time is Here")! But I think now I need a couple days to recouperate!
So, while my mind takes a little holiday today, I thought I might post some of our engagement photos, taken by a our amazing friend, Susan Hughes of King Happy Photography, over the summer. Matt and I came up with the concept for the shoot on a whim one day while we were driving to Sonoma. Both of us having a love of history, literature and film, we wanted to do something fun for our engagement session that really represented all of those things (quite ambitious) and so we decided to do a modern twist on some of the couples that have inspired our own 'love story'.
Below you'll find our takes on Peter Pan and Wendy, Arwen and Aragorn, and Snow White and Prince Charming.
I hope you enjoy them!

Peter Pan & Wendy

Arwen & Aragorn, Lord of the Rings

Snow White & Prince Charming

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