Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This weekend Matt and I were able to grab some time and visit Potterybarn and Restoration Hardware. First of all, who doesn't love the Restoration Hardware aesthetic? Okay, I know some might not, but it's definitely our cup of tea...but the prices? Seriously? I get paying for quality, but there's a line, and I think RH is flirting with it.
Back to our shopping trip. We were looking for some things to spruce up our place and here are some of the things we walked away with:

Twelve Days of Christmas Ornament Set
(Photo courtesy of Potterybarn.com)

Matt had the brilliant idea of buying some Christmas things that are unique to us and our new traditions, and so we chose the Twelve Days of Christmas Ornament Set. They are beautiful glass ornaments with vintage pictures and small silver tags with corresponding numbers. We got really excited about thinking of future Christmases, pulling these out and remembering back to this time when we were first starting out.

Pottery Barn Crown Molding Ledge

(Photo courtesy of Potterybarn.com)

We saw these ledges on our trip and bought them post-excursion in espresso because they didn't have them at the store. We are really excited to add more decor to the bedroom. We've been focusing a lot of our attention on the living room, and now it's time to give the bedroom our full and undivided nesting attention!

Restoration Hardware Wentworth Bedding
(Photo courtesy of RestorationHardware.com)
Okay, we didn't ACTUALLY buy this on the day, but we did see it in person, which was enough to change our minds from the duvet cover we were going to buy at Crate and Barrel. We both love the crest, and the material is wonderfully soft. And I love that we can change it up seasonally by just adding colored pillows and a throw.

Vintage French Linen Pillows
(Photo courtesy of RestorationHardware.com)

Love these! We bought the crest pillow (on the right) and the lumbar pillow - and they're even better in person!

They add a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to our living room...hahaha!

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