Monday, July 18, 2011


In February we traveled across the pond to "jolly ol' London" to attend the Percy Grainger Festival.  Arguably my husband's favorite composer, we couldn't miss the opportunity to attend.  One of the days, Matt attended a day of lectures while I opted out in order to get to know London a bit better (in other words, I went walking for hours). This was my third time in London, and I'd always considered the city more like a 'friend of a friend' having experienced with die-hard anglophiles.  So, I was really excited to explore London and perhaps develop my own unique relationship with London. :)

(As a side note, we had no idea that it was London fashion week, and somehow I ended up behind security lines at the Top Shop fashion show (outside the building).  I only realized I had made a wrong turn when I was faced with a bevy of paparazzi, who were VERY disappointed when I turned the corner. Oh well.)

I snapped some pictures on my walk, of things I took a fancy to and having been playing around with them in Picnick.

I have so many more pictures, but I think I'll just leave it at that. :)

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